Prayer & Passion– The Mortar In The Wall

Don’t Let The Walls Tumble Down…While You Sleep!

Prayer– Are you and God still “meeting” regularly? 

Neglecting your prayer life is like saying that you are married but you no longer have sexual relations with your partner because the attraction is gone.  News flesh, you are not married!  You may be friends, brothers and sisters, even room-mates, but you are no longer husband and wife.  The meeting place no longer exists between you and your spouse.  You have allowed the fire to go out.

Now, we might be able to live without passion in our own marriages, but God will not. He demands holy incense.  Prayer is a necessity.  It is not even a negotiable option.  It’s a must.  God refuses to lie for you.  If you are no longer attracted to him, he calls it a separation, and if you allow it to go on too long, He will call it what it is– a divorce!

God expects prayer and He expects passion.  There are burnt offerings, meal offerings, libations, and offerings of well-being.  These are prayers, meetings with God, that he finds essential in his union with you:

Surrendering (The Surrender Prayer) 

When He is right and you are wrong, there needs to be a surrender.  Surrendering to God means doing things that God wants you to do that you try to ignore until confrontation.

Working/Producing (The Prophetable/Profitable Prayer)

You should always be pregnant with something that God has you working on.  Producing for God means conceiving what he says, being willing to carry his instructions, and delivering his fruit.  Throughout the year you should have meetings with God regarding visions, goals, tasks, and assignments.

Repenting/Lamentations (The Prayer of Forgiveness) 

Have you ever been wrong in a relationship for so long that you no longer know how the mishap happend between you, and quite frankly you don’t even care?  Yeah, well that’s an unrepentent heart, we’ve all had one at some time.  These are prayers of mourning about our condition, receiving revelation about our thoughts and our actions that were unacceptable, and asking for forgiveness in willingness to do whatever it takes to move the fault from between us and God.   These are prayers asking for forgiveness for mistakes that were made:  large and small errors, missing the mark, and being disobedient.

Petitioning/Pruning (The Growth Prayer)

Everyone wants to grow.  I’ve never met anyone who wants to stay a toddler forever.  But not everyone likes the process.  Some toddlers want to be carried all the time because they don’t want to exert the energy that it takes to walk.  When we appeal to God for growth, we ask him to cut (circumcise) those areas in/on us that are still not developing as rapidly as they should be, and they won’t develop without pruning.  This prayer takes courage, but it also is uttered when you know that there is no other way you’ll ever grow up if you keep asking the grown-ups to carry you.  This prayer is petitioning for God’s best advice/counsel for a healthy decision to be made even if it requires an uncomfortable snip.

What is the goal with prayer?  We should always be aiming for Partnership.


Passion– Is there still holy fire between you and God? 

This is the disrespect that caused God’s anger:

  • prophetless prophets being allowed to influence the body
  • disobedient leaders carelessly inviting in diseased ways of thinking
  • stubborn rebellionunhealthy disregard for the things that are holy

Those tiny loose stones of “uncleanness” left the following gaps in the wall:

  • Public blatant community sin in the synagogue and the church
  • Losing souls who were ripe for redemption from families trapped in cycles
  • Backslidden believers lost without anyone finding them and grafting them back in
  • Becoming “filthy” rich off of propheting while the sheep are poor
  • Disrespecting God’s clearly defined Commandments
  • Forgetting the elderly (your parents) and leaving their name in dishonor
  • Disrespecting God’s holy order and making up an authority of your own
  • Being unconcerned about grooming leaders for the next generation
  • Not keeping the community healthy, whole, Godly, and unified,
  • Saying that you are married to God when you are not

Phineas stood in the diseased place and pointed to the problem with his spear and made everyone look because his passion was so unusual and God said, In that place that I said you are not my people, you shall be called the people of the Most High God.

Do you know what that verse means (taken out of Hosea)?  It means in the place  (the very same  meeting place that became dead) that God broadcasted his divorce from you,  He shall broadcast his vibrant marriage!  Stand in that place, the meeting place- with sweet smelling incense of prayer and passion; and believe that he will come to you!

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