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Noah…a man on a mission to believe God!

Noah…  Genesis 6:9 -11:32; Isaiah 54:1 – 55:5 ; 1 Peter 3:18- 22The Lord is calling His people back to Him.  He is pleading with Israel to return to her God.  He is promising protection.  He is promising a future.  He … Continue reading

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In The Beginning…There Was A Situation

In The Beginning… Genesis 1:1 – 6:8 (The Torah) Isaiah 42:5 – 43:11 (The Prophets) I Samuel 20:18 -42 (The Prophets) John 1:1 – 14 (The New Testament)    In The Beginning…There are always instructions –  In the beginning there … Continue reading

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For Starters, Get On The Same Page With God!

We begin our calendar by marking the days that God considers holy. Our Holy Days in 2009 are:  All Saturdays April 9th- Passover April 19th- Sheaf Offering May 31st- Pentacost September 18th- Rosh HaShana September 28th- Yom Kippur October 2nd- Sukkot … Continue reading

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Welcome Back! Let’s Work For A Full Return!

Before Going Forward, Do You Know Your Grade From Last Year’s Work?  Give Ear…listen to how you did. ________________________________________________________ To the leaders — It doesn’t matter who we are, God wants things done his way.  God loved Moses, there was … Continue reading

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Reflections – Last year’s work!

Reflections – Skywalker He is constantly teaching us, whether we know it or not.  This is what I learned last year.  And some lessons come right up to the last moment.  I asked ten people to step up and give … Continue reading

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Give ear…to your responsibility

Moses’ distress is so apparent that he is leaving Israel with such a negative last impression; so negative in fact that new blood is needed to take them through the lessons they are about to learn.  Moses knows the truth … Continue reading

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