Life of Sarah…More Than Magic Required

Life of Sarah…

Genesis 23:1-25:18

I Kings 1:1-31

I Corinthians 15:50-57

Philippians 2: 5-11

Did you know that a psychic, a sorcerer, a medium, and even a “prophet” can imitate a word from God?  These people perfect their craft by spending time in meditation consulting with spirits that supply them with information that may be useful in convincing folks to make decisions a certain way.  It sounds a lot like political lobbying, because it is!  However, meditating is not a method of reaching the spiritual realm that belongs to the demonic.  Meditation has always belonged, and will always belong, to the people of God.  If the ungodly are able to fool the world simply by “thinking”, imagine what the Godly could do if we took back what rightfully belongs to us– the ability to share thoughts with God!

Life of Sarah, more than magic is required

Everyone is fooled by a magician when it doesn’t really matter, but for some reason, when it matters most, there is something inside of us that whispers “false” when someone is trying to trick us out of something very important.  Alarms go off all over our body.  I can’t explain how we know, we simply know.  It is one of the gracious things about God.  He has given his anointed ones the ability to detect a lie that stems from our innermost beings.  Even if we’d rather believe the lie, the truth is that we know exactly what it is because our spirits tell us in the form of un-easiness.

A prime example is the Babylonian King Nebuchudnezzar.  When King Nebuchednezzar was deeply troubled and anxiety filled his soul, God caused him to fall into a deep sleep.  While he slept, he was given a dream that he could not interpret by himself and the dream troubled him even more than the anxious feeling had.  Now King Nebuchednezzar had every magician and sorcerer at his disposal, and he never questioned their integrity until the time came when he needed the truth.  Then, he trusted no one.

When you don’t trust anyone, you need to hear a word from God that is miraculous.  You need to hear a word that no one else could possibly know.  Every other word will leave you feeling uneasy.  The king was so determined to understand the meaning of his torment that he decided that he would execute everyone who had been parading around as if they had a word of truth, when clearly they did not.  Daniel (God’s prophet) was classified amongst the magicians, but he asked the king for one thing that none of the others had the wisdom to ask for.  He asked for “time”.  The request made the King relax for some reason.  The uneasiness began to fade away.  Time was exactly what was needed to get an audience with God, and somehow, some way, the King knew that.  Getting a genuine word from God takes time, not magic.

And appeared the issue 

Isaac was an unusual son.  He was a son born after the mistakes of his parents had been settled.  How “lucky” he was to be born in the right environment; an atmosphere cultivated by God himself and brought forth through his parents’ final obedience.  As a result, Isaac understood the importance of hearing God.  He spent time meditating in the field.  Really understand what I am saying.  Isaac didn’t race through the field planning and strategizing.  Instead, he learned how to be still in the midst of the field and to meditate.  And Isaac’s field was no ordinary field.  It was the promise land.  It was Canaan, soon to be Israel.  So Isaac knew how to be in the midst of Israel (before there was an Israel) and think about Israel.  Isaac was able to think about what God was saying, and what God wanted, and what was of primary importance to God.

Here is the irony, If Isaac hadn’t taken the time to hear from God regarding what God wanted Israel to be, there never would have been a Jacob.  Isaac had to be willing to receive what was coming to him when he came out of his time of meditation.  As basic as it sounds, Isaac had to be prepared to accept the one who was going to enable him to produce everything that God saw and found acceptable about Israel.  What God found acceptable about Israel was Rebekah, his mother.

Obtaining Rebekah was not easy.  Had Isaac been in the pursuit of her on his own, he may have failed.  Convincing her to leave her family, her hometown, and everything she had grown to love was going to be a challenging task.  Isaac didn’t know enough about Rebekah to push the right buttons that would compel her to leave, but God did.  All Isaac had to do was to be still in the field and meditate.  Being still meant not making his own arrangements and depending on God’s decision to be the very best.  I believe that God told Isaac that he could trust what was coming to him, because she was hand-picked by God. 

Go out and recover all!

Like King Nebuchudnezzar, Isaac had to be willing to grant the Lord something that he didn’t have to give– time.  It’s not human to wait, I am learning.  It is nearly an impossible thing to do by ourselves.  We just don’t have it within us to want to be still when we have the capacity to move.  But the King realized that if he really wanted what he needed, waiting was a small price to pay.  And Isaac realized that in his waiting, God was working the whole thing out for his good.

Sarai and Abram were not a match made in heaven.  But God changed their circumstances and caused them to become who they were not in the beginning.  However, Rebekah and Isaac are a completely different story.  Their marriage was pre-arranged on earth and in heaven because they had the right ingredients:  praying parents.  When parents pray, things are pre-arranged!  Abraham recognized that the kind of woman whom God wanted for his son was not going to come from the land they were living in; and Sarah had taught her son how to wait on God for his best.  They came to these conclusions by thinking very deeply about the matter, and listening.  They meditated.

Sometimes you have to believe that God knows exactly what you need.  You must believe this so much that you are not willing to allow anyone else or anything else to occupy your ear but the tone that sounds like God.  King Nebuchudnezzar needed a prophet from the Most High God.  Nothing else would do.  Isaac needed a Godly wife who would not only produce Israel, but recognize and accept which one of the boys Israel was, when Isaac couldn’t see it for himself!  Isaac needed a wife who could look at both sons, and see them as twins, but accept that God’s plan for one was greater than the other.  Isaac needed a “Prophetess” of the Most High God, like his mother had been in the end.

When the mystery is that complicated, and the secret is that hidden, and no one else can tell it to you or determine its interpretation truthfully, you need the thought of God.  You need the very thought of God to break all of the other thoughts that have been occupying your ear…magically.

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