Generations…of Honor!

X. (Kislev – November/December)2010

The Vision for the Month: Ramah Word


It is so hard for us to understand that our ways are not God’s ways. He has plans that we cannot even fathom because our plans are temporary. Our plans consist of what we can accomplish for today, but God’s plans consider what can be accomplished in the lifetime of the planet. The only way that we can build plans with God is to be ready to receive correction. We must conceive ideas, but before building them, we lay them before the feet of the Lord for approval. If we don’t do this, we may find that we’ve spent our lives building something that we had no authority to builds; and building without authority (as any city will tell you) requires for the whole thing to be torn down if it was built without a permit. We build by God’s permission.

Calendar of Events:
The New Month Begins on November 8th & Ends on December 7
Chanukah – from sunset of December 2nd – December 9th

General Calendar Theme:
Chanukah, Thanksgiving, taking the time to appreciate those things that we sometimes take for granted all throughout the year; learning to break generational curses

Instructions of the month: Commandments of God
Exodus 20:2
IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Assignments of the Month: Weekly Reading Portion

(Week One) November 13, 2010 – And Went Out
Genesis 28:10 – 32:3
Hosea 12:13 – 14:10
John 1:43 – 51

(Week Two) November 20, 2010 – And He Sent
Genesis 32:4 – 36:43
Obadiah 1-21
Hosea 11:7 – 12:13
Mathew 26:36-42


(Week Three) November 27, 2010 – And He Dwelt
Genesis 37:1-40:23
Amos 2:6-3:8
Zechariah 2:14-4:7
Acts 7:9-16

(Week Four) December 4, 2010 – At The End
Genesis 41:1-44:17
Zechariah 2:14-4:7
I Kings 3:15-4:1 & 7:40-50
I Corinthians 2: 1-5

The Story of the Month: Volume Reading
I & II Corinthians
The Results of the Month: Fruit of the Spirit & Testimony of Jesus Christ

Self Control/Self Discipline

The Holy Plan — Remember Your People
Remember that the Jewish people of the past, present and future are your people. Accept that!

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