And He Dwelt…In The Bitter-Sweet Building of The Prophet/Profit

And He Dwelt…

Genesis 37:1-40:23

Amos 2:6-3:8

Zechariah 2:14-4:7

Acts 7:9-16

So here is the idea– If you imagine that the Mafia is ruthless, the prophet has to be more so.  If you imagine that top secret government officials have to undergo clearance, the prophet undergoes a higher standard, and a lower bar of tolerance.  If you imagine that terrorists have to be able to hide out in clefts of rocks in order to accomplish their tasks without being detected; know that the prophet must be able to survive with less coverage than that.  The prophet must be able to be “forgotten” for spells of time; and this can be a bitter-sweet existence.  But it is necessary, an absolute, in the building plans.

And he dwelt in the building plans of the prophet/profit

There is a success plan that God has designed for his people.  It entails detailed instructions.  If you follow those instructions, you will step into the life that has been prepared for you.  If you do not, you will step into the life that you have prepared for yourself.

I wish everyone would commit to see “Spy Games”.  One of the rules of the house of spies is that if the new recruit spy does not follow the instructions of the seasoned spy, the new recruit can be cut off at any time, even if that means the loss of life –without warning; because ultimately the objective is to work undercover.  This takes covert team work, and there is no room for a “one man” show.  If you don’t follow instructions, you will be detached from your protection.  They will not allow you to pull down the whole operation simply because you didn’t want to follow the instructions until you understood.  That way of thinking will get you killed in this game.

Once the new recruit understands this, he understands how important instructons really are.  They build what you cannot see.  Following instructions is about stabilizing the whole team, not just yourself.  Sometimes God will tell you to “Get lost for awhile” and you don’t know why.  By that, I mean that you will be expected to act and live “normal”.  In other words, he will tell you to just breath for a bit.  And it is crucial that you do!  You feel like he has forgotten you, but he has not.  Everything God tells us to do is a fundamental part of what he is building.

And he sent the answer

I don’t know what conversations Joseph had with God, but I am certain that he had them.  Perhaps the conversations were like those with the Apostle John– too important to publish.  Sometimes the same instructions will be given again and they are top secret so God doesn’t allow everyone to know what they were.  But one thing is for certain,  some how, some way, Joseph never lost sight of God while he was in prison (falsely accused); and he never hesitated when it was time for him to step into the next role for his life.  Why is that?  Perhaps God told Joseph to breathe easy for awhile.

Joseph understood something valuable.  Joseph understood the maturity process that was necessary in building a prophet/profit.  God had taught Joseph something in the deepest depths of the darkness of his life.  It was something that Joseph clung onto.  Isaiah would later pen it like this:  “Shall a mother forget her suckling child?  She may, but I will not forget you.  I have engraved you in the palms of my hands”.  Joseph understood that as much as his own father loved him, not even Israel’s love could save him.  In spy games, only God has the power to save.

I imagine that Joseph wrestled with the same things that Jacob did.  In fact, I submit to you that every prophet/profit of God wrestles with God.  Even Jesus did.  Remember these words:  “If it is at all possible, let this cup pass before me”.  Prophets/profits wrestle with God.  Perhaps it is a prerequisite.  That’s what makes them prophet “able” and profitable.  They wrestle for the answers to the questions that God is willing to give, and they submit when he is not willing.

And went out Jacob’s ladder

What impression did the Father give Jesus that made him understand that the cup was necessary?  What made Jesus respond in submission:  “Never-the-less, not my will, but your will be done.”?   I think it was silence.

Perhaps when the prophet gets to a place where the next step is the end of the building, he doesn’t get answers anymore, he gets memories.  Perhaps the prophet must rely on what he already knows from what God previously taught him.  That would explain why the high priest, Joshua, stood still while his accuser tried to strip him of his prophet/profit “ability”.  He knew that only God could counteract what the adversary was saying.

Being a prophet comes with the bitter-sweet cup that has to be swallowed.  It is bitter because there are going to be times when God is not going to reveal to you the details of the assignment.  The details must remain “classified”.  And the moment of truth will finally come upon you, despite how you feel.  Are you a prophet/profit to God or are you not?  Jesus did not say, if you love me you would do the things that are comfortable to you.  He said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”.

It is quite possible that when God builds a prophet, there is a training course involved.  In the beginning the prophet must learn to hear the Father’s voice and follow his instructions.  Then the process becomes more complicated.  Deep things are revealed to the prophet.  Assignments are given.  Stories are developed.  But in the end, right before the door opens for certification, I think God surprises them all.  The last lesson, the greatest military training, ends the way it began.  Because God knows that if the prophet does not remember this one instruction, he/she will be a detriment to the house:

Do you still keep my commandments?  In them you will find the answers to all of your questions.

The sweet part of the cup is that sometimes despite our best efforts, we fail the training course.  But, lo and behold, by some great miracle, we get the lesson.  To God, understanding the importance of obedience is enough to remain a prophet/profit…to Him.

In the building plans of the prophet/profit (which are bitter-sweet), remember obedience.  It is the only way out of the assignment.


(Week Four) December 4, 2010 – At The End
Genesis 41:1-44:17
Zechariah 2:14-4:7
I Kings 3:15-4:1 & 7:40-50
I Corinthians 2: 1-5

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