And Came Near…The “Civilized” Word

And Came Near…

Genesis 44:18-47:27

Ezekiel 37:15:28

Luke 6:7-15

God told Israel (who had been living “spiritually” his whole life) to go down and settle in Egypt and even die there.  And then God told him that He would bring Israel out himself.  That was a hard word for Jacob to receive because it was sooo worldly; but if he didn’t receive it, all of Israel would perish.

Word for the Civil Year 2011 

Enact A Salvation Plan

1.  Create An Extra Revenue Pool For A “Savings Account” (10% of all income)

2.  Grant 10% To The Non-Profit World & Invest 10% To The For Profit World

3.  Make Strategic Decisions Based On EVERYTHING You’ve Learned


And came near, the civilized word 

Jacob’s job was to save the twelve tribes of Israel (his sons), but he didn’t know it.  God does not reveal everything to us.  We are often required to build without being told the details of the project. 

In this way, God can strategically position us to get done what we would never do had he told us his intentions.  The only way to save the twelve tribes of Israel was to ensure that they did not become swept away by the great famine, and that required some planning.

At the end, there was a civilized prophet/profit 

Part of Israel had to stay in Canaan until the very last moment to preserve the future promise, and part of Israel had to go into Egypt to make provision for Israel through the great tribulation that would come across the whole earth. 

And in the middle, the belly of the plan, which the adversary was not watching, Israel had to preserve a seed amongst his sons that was good enough to carry on the Messianic purpose for the world.

And he dwelt in the bitter-sweet building of the prophet/profit 

It was a three way strategy.  One governed the land.  One governed the people.  And one governed the civilization that had yet to come.  And he who governed the civilization that had yet to come spent all of his time moving between the other two governments until it all came together.

Israel knew that God had provided a way to cover his people.  But he also knew that the time would come when the people would come out of that cover.  And when they came out, they had to be civilized.  That means that they had to believe in the great and mighty power of the living God, but they had to live in a world that spoke another language.  The only way for Israel to become bi-lingual was to combine the civilizations into one, and then…take the lead. 

Prepare to ride the wave that is coming by receiving the civilized word.  It is the only way for your household to be saved.


 And He Lived…

Genesis 47:28 – 50:26;

I Kings 2:1 – 12;

I Peter 1: 3 -9

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