And He Lived…In The Anointing

And He Lived…

Genesis 47:28-50:26

I Kings 2:1-12

1 Peter 1:3-9

 There is a place, a space, a time, a central point, in which everything comes together– finally! It is the appointment.  And in this place the anointing finds us.  It is the moment in which God passes by and throws his mantle on a person’s shoulders and tells them that they are equipped to do his good work.  And this place is always in Egypt– the land of limitations;  It has to be in Egypt because in Egypt Israel is no longer in control of what is possible.

And he lived in the anointing

Everyone has a talent.  Just like everyone has bacteria.  We inherit this from our time on the earth.  Being here causes us to take in and take on some things.  Some things we learn quite well.  We become talented, some even talented enough to make a living at what they’ve learned.

God also gives us a gift from birth.  The gift is not something that you earned from life on this planet.  It was given to you without having to do anything at all to receive it.  Often times it is in your genes, in fact, I would say that gifts are passed down from generation to generation.  If you’ve ever met a “gifted” person, you would understand that it has nothing to do with talent.  Our gifts are our attributes that come easy to us.

However, our talents have limitations.  Our gifts have limitations too.  We can only go but so far with either of them.  We aren’t talented in every area, and we aren’t gifted in everything.  Where our talent ceases, and our gifts expire, we are limited.  Those limitations are very real, and when we come up against them, we realize that we simply can’t go any further.  Our resources have run out.  When our resources have run out, we need more than talent and more than gifts, we need the anointing of God.

And came near the civilized word

The anointed place is where everything is possible, even those things that were previously impossible.  There were natural boundaries that make moving some things simply an undeniably exhausting and impossible feat.  No matter how talented we are, or how gifted we are, there are certain things that can not be moved, unless they are anointed to move and you are the one who is anointed to move them.

Being anointed to move things is not the same as being talented or gifted.  Being anointed means that you have permission.  You see, being talented only buys you regard in the world, and being gifted only exalts you in the body.  But neither talent nor giftedness can change what God has not given you permission to change.  You can not move those things that are fixed if you don’t have permission from God regardless of your talent or your gifts.

However, when we submit our talent and our gifts to God, something peculiar begins to take place.  The atmosphere changes.  A window opens that was not there before.  You receive help.  And so, being anointed has little to do with you or what you’ve been able to accomplish, and has more to do with your access to another place.  In this new place, your words matter in heaven.  Being anointed means coming in contact with another time, space, place, central point.  It means having another appointment that is higher than any of the other ones you had before.  In fact, being anointed means that all of your talents and gifts have nothing to do with what God is calling you to do.  They are useless where you are going, because it is a whole new world.

At the end there was a civilized prophet/profit

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are just wasting your words”?  That means that it doesn’t matter how much you say, nothing is getting moved.  It is a terribly frustrating place to be, and we’ve all been there.  But when your words matter in another place than where you are, you can actually change the place that you are standing by using your words wisely.  And this is a wisdom that we do not possess by nature.  These words unlock doors and open windows that wouldn’t budge before.

Wise words and/or actions that are honored in another place can release commands that alter your situation.  But the most surprising part is that it has nothing to do with you!  Being anointed has NOTHING to do with you! The secret is to use your talent and your gifts in order to press into the anointed place, but when you get there, you cannot use your talents and/or your gifts to go any further!  Being anointed is something that happens to you, not something that you can make happen.  In this place of honor, you are given a new permit.  You are given permission to do the impossible.  Impossible is what cannot be done without God’s anointing.  It is Egypt.  The house of bondage, and the land of limitations.

This week Jacob will die in Egypt.  He will tell his sons to bury him in the land of Canaan.  He will leave behind two things of importance.  He will leave behind a multitude of children who will grow and prosper and become a nation; and he will leave behind the promise made to Abraham.  Jacob was able to do a lot of things in his lifetime.  He was a talented business-man and a gifted shepherd; but he was not anointed to fulfill the promise.  That’s a work that God left for someone else to do. 

To be close to God, through Christ, that’s our goal 

After all was said and done, Jacob was anointed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, though he didn’t understand it.  It seems impossible doesn’t it?  It is.  Yet, that is what Israel did.  He told his children how God was going to use them.  He predicted the rise of Joseph and the salvation of Israel through Judah. 

And then…Jacob left it all behind in order to receive the reward that was waiting for him.  Hard working talent preserved him, God-given gifts exalted him–  but compared to what God had in store, what else in this world matters?

To dwell in his temple and inquire at his feet, all the days of my life…because he’s given me permission to do so when I had no right to be in his presence.  Jacob lived there.

From Jacob ‘s loins would come one who created a world between worlds. It’s called grace.  And Jacob had permission to live there before the gates were ever open.


(Week Three) December 25, 2009 – Names

Exodus 1:1 -6:1;

Jeremiah 1:1 – 2:3;

Isaiah 27:6 – 28:13 & 29:22 – 23; Acts 7:17 -43

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