Names…Of Those Who Know The Expression Of God

Exodus 1:1 -6:1;

Jerimiah 1:1 – 2:3;

Isaiah 27:6 – 28:13 & 29:22 – 23;

Acts 7:17 -43

The ultimate goal is to read God’s expression, isn’t it?  You want to know him so well that you can tell what is coming by the expression He has on His face.  Not everyone knows the expression of God, but those who do are highly favored, and highly favored means anointed to do great things.

Names of those who know the expression of God 

In order to know God’s expression, you must seek his face.  And this, my friend, takes work– No ordinary work.  It takes a different kind of work; a work that you cannot do on your own.  You have to be drawn into it.

Moses was drawn out of the great tribulation of his day.  His people were being terrorized and there was no escape.  It seemed, to many, that God had forgotten about them.  But one day, his mother did something unusual.  She sent him into the tribulation deliberately, like all of the other boys, but she encased him an an ark of protection.

That seems odd.  Why would you do two seemingly opposite things?  Why would a person send her son into what will kill him, but take the time to ensure that he is safe in the journey.  How foolish this is!  Yet, this kind of logic saved Moses.

And he lived in the anointing 

Moses’ mother knew that God did not desire to destroy his people.  She knew this because, though they hadn’t heard from God in a long time, she knew his expressions, and destroying Israel was not one of them.

You see, the Hebrews were a people who did not rely on God’s word, in fact they hadn’t received it yet.  They relied on his expressions.  They knew God’s tone and they knew his timing.  They knew these things because God had been making expressions from the beginning.

When Moses drifted down the Nile River, he was encased in something extraordinary.  He was encased in the anointing of God.  The anointing of God is when God’s divine will supercedes the human expectation of things.  It is the supernatural.

And came near the civilized word

We must understand that God’s best work is making miraculous things appear common.  Pharaoh’s daughter drew Moses out of the tribulation of his day.  This was extraordinary.  She rescued him from the very fate that her own father had decreed!

In the natural, it was obvious.  A beautiful child caught the eye of a woman while she was bathing.  But it wasn’t as simple as that, was it?  This was no ordinary woman, and this was no ordinary child.  Their paths were destined to cross in the “civilized” world.

In the civilized world, there is an explanation for everything.  There is no supernatural happening.  Everything has a scientific method and a logical explanation.  And this is good.  There is logic behind everything.  Everything obeys a common system that is easy to read and simple to understand, if you take the time to learn it.  But the one thing that the world cannot understand is that there is a logic that is higher than carnal logic.  And that is what caused the woman to draw out the redeemer of Israel.  Her father (the Pharaoh) allowed the child to live even though he had decreed the death of all the others.  What were the chances that allowing one son to live, would matter, he thought to himself?  Seems illogical that one son of Israel would matter, doesn’t it?

One who knows matters

Moses mattered.  He mattered because he was Hebrew.  He mattered because he was educated by the system of the super-power nation of the world in his day.  He mattered because he was never a slave.  He mattered because he was the apprentice of a wilderness priest.  He mattered because his mother made him matter to God.

It is essential that we seek God’s face.  It is only through knowing his expressions that we find out his will.  When we know his will, we can defy the impossible by using another kind of logic.

With God, all things are possible.  And through Christ we are capable of doing all things.  Moses not only survived the great tribulation, he pulled his people out of it.  But when God tells him that this is what he will do, Moses thinks to himself…”That’s simply not logical.”   But he goes to do it anyway, because of the expression on God’s face.

Once you know God’s expression, you discern that his word is soon to follow.


And I AppearedExodus 6:2 -9:35;Ezekiel 28:25 – 29:21;Romans 9:14 -24;Hebrews 3:1-6

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