And I Appeared…On Time

And I Appeared…

Exodus 6:2 -9:35;

Ezekiel 28:25 – 29:21;

Romans 9:14 -24;

Hebrews 3:1-6 

Are you going to show up in your life this year?  And will you be on time?  Moses did.

It looked like Moses was early, but he wasn’t.  Pharaoh wasn’t going to allow the assignment to run smoothly.  He was going to throw obstacles in the way.  He was going to make it appear like it wasn’t God’s will for Moses to complete the task.  But that’s why God sent him early.  Moses had to learn that God’s will isn’t always delivered on a silver platter, but it is always delivered on time.

The advantage that Moses had in being early is that he was breaking habits, and that was something that the Pharaoh wasn’t expecting.  You see, getting the people out of Egypt wasn’t the only problem.  Moses had to gather a people who could and would survive in the wilderness, and the training began in Egypt!

The people had to begin to hear the tone of God and compare it to the other tones that they were hearing.  Then they had to break their allegiance to the false gods, and turn to the true living God.  This was not a one time thing.  It took practice.  Every time they saw God prove himself, it strengthened their relationship with him. God was building a relationship with his people while they were still in Egypt!

The ark that would save them was not the ark that saved Noah.  Nor would it be the arc that would store the commandments.  It was greater than that because both of those arks/arcs would one day disappear.  They were only examples of what will one day take their place.  The eternal ark/arc is the bridge (the relationship) that we build with the living God.

Every time we hear his tone, and we are pulled in his direction, we change.  Sometimes we don’t notice the change at all, but the chords that held us to the will of the adversary are severed, and we begin to hear the sound of freedom.  But being free isn’t good enough.  We have to be free to serve the Lord our God, or we will find ourselves in bondage again…to something or someone else.

Moses showed up to pull Israel into a permanent relationship with Adonai.  Prior to Moses standing on holy ground, no one had ever known that El Shaddaii had a relational name.  Let him who has an ear, hear… the tone of it on time.


Reading for January 8, 2011 

Come, Go…

Exodus 10:1-13:16

Jeremiah 46:13-28

Romans 12:1-8

I Corinthians 11:20-34

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