Come, Go…Clean!

Come, Go…

Exodus 10:1-13:16

Jeremiah 46:13-28

Romans 12:1-8

I Corinthians 11:20-34

It’s no small irony that we read about the Passover and the beginning of the new year during the time that the Gregorian Calendar announces its new year.  We are not of the world, but we are in the world, and in order to be civilized, some things we recognize as a part of our ordinary function.  We recognize the new year of 2011.  Even though our life calendar begins in Nisan (March/April) and our work calendar begins in Tishrei (September/October), we allow these times to come together civilly in January.  And frankly, this worldly calendar works to our full advantage.  It makes us early, prepared, and on time; because Passover requires a lot of house cleaning, and most of us who weren’t raised Jewish cannot clean our houses to pass the judgment of the white glove in one month, nor one week, and certainly not in one day!  We need the heads up that it is time to clean.

Come Clean This Year!

What corrections need to be made in your house now in order to pass the white glove inspection?  These are the things that have been haunting you, nagging you, poking you in the gut, and tapping you on the shoulder.  Don’t ignore them anymore.  Write them down.  Don’t wait until the job is too big for you to handle. 

Go Clean This Year!

How do those corrections help you to see your new year’s resolution more clearly?  Chances are, the corrections have been leading you somewhere.  Can you identify the central location?  There is one area that is throbbing.  It really needs your full attention now.  What needs to be solved, resolved, brought to a solution this year.  Write it down.  Don’t wait until you reason it back into your life with bad judgment. Bad judgment is coming.  Be ahead of him.

Stay Clean This Year!

Your new year’s resolution is setting you up for revelation.  Before God takes you to where you are suppose to be in his time, there must be some corrections in your time, so that you can be on time.  After you’ve written down the corrections that need to be made in your house in 2011; and after you’ve written down the resolution that needs to be adressed in 2011; and after you’ve written down the revelation that God has enlightened you with for 2011, stop.

Where should you be by the time the civil calendar hits 2012?  Don’t make up random thoughts.  Put all your notes together.  The destination has everything to do with the corrections, the resolution, the revelation, and the time.  Think about it.  Moses was positioning the people to face the reality of God in their lives.  They had to come clean.  They’d have to go clean.  And they’d have to stay clean in order to step into the next place.


When He Sent…

Exodus  13:17-17:16

Judges 4:4-5:31

John 6:22-40

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