When He Sent…It Out, He Gave Control

When He Sent…

Exodus 13:17-17:16

Judges 4:4-5:31

John 6:22-40

There is a way to command respect without bullying.  There is a way to demand control, without oppressing.  It’s when God has given you permission to drive by whatever means necessary.  The operative word being “permission”.  When God has called you to drive, that does not mean that you are a bully.  But you must first be sure that it is God who is really in control of the driving.

It Takes A Bull To Face A Bully 

Bullies become bullies for one reason only.  They were bullied.  Someone took control in his/her life and rendered the person helpless.  He/she had no voice in their own world, and so, they began to create a world in which they are the ones in control.  The problem isn’t the fact that they took control back.  The problem is that a bully isn’t actually a bull.  

You see, a bull can dish it out, but he can also take it.  He is accustomed to confrontation so he knows how to handle it when it comes.  He knows when to plow forward and he knows when to step aside and let the other have his way.  A bully does not.

Bullies seek not only to control their own lives, but to be in control of everything.  Bullies throw their weight forward but when they are addressed, confronted, or pushed back, they come crashing down.  The fact is, bullies are fragile and this is their greatest problem.  A true bull cannot be fragile.  But a bully at his very root is always only one step away from collapsing and that is what makes him impossible to reason with.  The fear isn’t that the bully will be too strong, but that the bully will be too weak.

The question is, who is the one in control…really? 

Pharaoh was use to being in charge.  Why shouldn’t he be?  He is royalty.  But he never met anyone who could come up against him with power.  He never met anyone who could accuse him of wrong, actually be right, and have the muscle behind the claim to make things change.  Pharaoh had never been bullied, that he knew of.

However, behind the scenes, what Pharaoh didn’t know is that he lived in a land of bullies.  His gods were bullies.  He served gods who governed everything he did and judged every action.  His gods were not gods of mercy and love and compassion, but gods of control.

Pharaoh lived in a land of limitation and a house of bondage.  He thought he lived in the greatest country on earth, but he wasn’t free.  His life was contingent on pleasing the gods.  If they weren’t pleased his life would be miserable.  Imagine a life that depended on pleasing someone all of the time.  That’s a one sided relationship.  He was bullied, and as a result, he became a bully.  He bullied Israel and would have destroyed Israel had not God intervened.  God is not a bully, but He is a bull.  That means that God knows how to confront everything and everyone that is false.

Moses was not the muscle behind his demands

The reason Moses was successful was because the things that he was driving into place were not his own.  Moses was being used by God to push people, systems, time, and money, into where God wanted them to be.  If he had done this by his own accord, he would have been a bully.  But he was not a bully because God was the one driving him to drive the people.  And God was driving them into his mercy, even if it meant plowing over the gods of judgment who stood in the way.

A bully doesn’t have the ultimate authority over your life.  The secret is to discover the truth about the control that is over you, and sometimes that can be difficult to accept and understand.  No one wears a sign on their clothing indicating whether they are a bull or a bully.  Sometimes a bully can appear to be a bull, and sometimes a bull can appear to be a bully.  The only way to know is to consult with God.

When the control that is being demonstrated is from God, what you are experiencing is a bull.  A bull can and will be sent to disrupt your ways when God wants something about you to change.  When the control is not from God, you have uncovered a bully.  A bully drives, and drives, and drives, without there being a destination in sight.  He drives you without regard or consideration.  His motivation is to tire you, to exhaust you, not to free you. 

Find out where the person is getting their authority from.  Only then will you know which action to take next.  Israel could not stand against Moses, even when it appeared as if he was being a bully, because it was God who stood behind him.  But Pharaoh who seemed like the big bull of the world, fell so easily, just on a word from God because there was no muscle behind his pushing.

Bullies were designed to fall when pushed back.  Bulls were not.  When God sent his bulldozer everything in Egypt was coming down.

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