You Shall Command…The Good Woman Not To Please Herself

Exodus 27:20-30:10

Ezekiel 43:10-27

I Samuel 15: 1-34

I.  The good woman is the church

II.  She is not to please herself

III.  She is to please God and wait for God to reward her

Last week God gave the people an opportunity to bring forward all that they accumulated from Egypt.  Some did.  Many didn’t.  This week, God tells Moses to go back to the people who weren’t moved the first time, and now command them.

What is God looking for?

God is testing the hearts of his people.  He gave them the opportunity to bring forward what was needed to build the tabernacle from the things they took from Egypt.  If you remember, those things were “borrowed”.  They were never meant to be part of Israel’s personal possession.

Some immediately understood.  They willingly brought out from their houses all that was left of Egypt and offered it up to God.  But others were not moved to do so.  They thought that what they were able to take from Egypt now belonged to them.  They were wrong.

Being wrong isn’t bad.  This week Moses will leave room for the people to correct what was wrong the first time.  The second group of people will now submit to God’s instructions.  It isn’t horrible to be in the second group.  It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t horrible.  What’s horrible is to be part of the third group.

That third group will do what doesn’t please God with what they refused to offer, and they refused to submit.  It will cause trouble in the camp.

There is, and always will be, trouble in the church when the people do not give up what God says never belonged to them.

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