When You Take…The Lord’s Name, You better Be Profitable/Prophet “Able”

When You Take…

Exodus 27:20-30-10

Ezekiel 43:10-27

I Samuel 15:1-34

Mathew 5:14-16

I. Everyone in the body of Christ must carry the assigned weight

II. Everyone in the the body of Christ must be able to prophesy to their president and their nation on behalf of God.

III. God will make his name profitable and able to prophesy to the world, or there will be replacements

Being able to prophesy doesn’t mean that that is what you do all of the time. It means that within you is the God-given capacity. You have the capacity to hear from God and to relay a message from God. That is the reason that you carry his name, and that is what his name is able to do through you.

David didn’t consider himself to be a prophet. He was a king. But he was able to prophesy. That is one of the perks for carrying the name of the Living God.

Eli wasn’t a prophet. He was a priest. But he was able to grant God’s answer to the petition of Hannah. He was able to profit the people of God. That is another one of the benefits of carrying the name of the Almighty.

Elijah was a prophet. The prophet is able to tell you exactly what God is saying. He/she spends his life perfecting God’s voice in his ear. Sometimes God is saying something good, but sometimes what he has to say is not so good; and those who cannot receive the word of the Lord will not be allowed to remain in position.

God’s ultimate purpose for his people is that they represent his name honorably before those who don’t know him. That is why he doesn’t want his people hanging on to anything from another god. He doesn’t want his people to be covered, or clinging to, a name that doesn’t belong to Him.

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