Eighth…Reveal The Truth About God

Leviticus 9:1 – 11:47
II Samuel 6: 1 – 7:17;
Acts 5:1 – 11, 10:9-22, 34-35

A Split Decision: The Sacrificial Love System

You can tell a lot about a person by what they do. Many people say many things, and many people say not much of anything, and some people remain silent. But when a person arises to do something, watch closely. That will tell you everything you need to know about them.

This week, God is showing us a bird’s eye view as to how he sees things. If you stay awake, and strain to see, you will discern truths about God that you may never have considered before.

Sometimes, God will call a corporate person to do something that seems utterly crazy; and likewise, he will call a prophet (who is customarily seen as crazy) to do something quite corporate. The key isn’t in pigeon-holing the person– in thinking that only prophets should be crazy and only professionals should be corporate. They key is to watch what they do, how they do it, and what is manifested as a result of their action. In fairness to us as humans, it takes a special kind of eye to detect the right signal.

A Leak In The System Will Be Exposed– And Fixed

Aaron’s sons were priests. They were dressed properly. They did everything they were instructed to do. But something was wrong. Something was very wrong that no one else could see. We only know what was wrong because God tells us later. Aaron’s two sons were not sober in giving their offering, as a result, their offering was foreign to God. In a nutshell, God did not “recognize” their offering as something that was befitting of a priest. They offered God hypocirisy, and God was quick to expose it. God appointed two other sons in their place.

David was equally as confused as Aaron. When the oxen stumbled, it seemed the only right thing to do was to prevent the Arc from falling. So why did God judge Uzzah so harshly? The text tells us that God saw Uzzah’s act as an “indiscretion”. It looked as if he reached out to help the Arc, but in actuality, something else had transpired. Uzzah exposed his bad judgment. It was a small lack of judgment that no one else could have detected, but God exposed it as being part of who he was. Uzzah lacked good judgment relative to the things of God. God appointed David in Uzzah’s place.

Ananais & Saphira presented their offering to the church. It was a good sum of money. Surely the money would be used to support ministry operations. But Peter called out something completely unexpected. They had lied. Their lying had nothing to do with the monetary value that would have been useful in building ministry. But it had everything to do with the character of those whom would have been held in high esteem. God appointed others in their place.

A Split Decision Must Be Resolved Because of The Signal It Sends

Peter had the bird’s eye view that we are striving for. That is why he was appointed as the head of the church. As magnificent as Paul was, Peter was the head of the church, appointed specifially to that position by Christ himself. Peter was able to discern when a split decision was lodged in a person’s heart. He was able to see it, and able to call it out.

Why is a split decision so necessary to see in the church? Well, first you must know what a split decision is, and what it looks like in action. A split decision is when a person is wrestling with what God is saying, verses what they themselves want. Now, in and of itself, wrestling with God over his decisions isn’t a bad thing or even a thing that is abnormal. We would be supreme if we never wrestled with God. Wrestling isn’t the problem. The problem arises when the individual postulates as if they’ve come to a unified decision, but internally they have not. They present the fact one way, but inside, it is another.

When there is a split decision, it is best to confess that there is. At least everyone knows what you are wrestling with. But when you pretend that a situation or circumstance is resolved, and you know that it is not resolved, you cause the people to think that you are more sober than you really are and they rely on your signal!

When The Signal Goes Forward, The Wrestling Must Cease

It seems that one thing that God clearly does not tolerate is a person, any person, who offers something up to God, while in an official designation, that he really hasn’t offered up at all. God would rather take a person out of office, out of place, out of line, and make his offering acceptable, than to take an offering from an official who really wasn’t offering anything at all…and he did this publicly.

God rejects the split decision of anyone holding an office. By the time you hold the office, your own will should no longer be a factor. That was the “sacrificial love system” training program you had to graduate from before you even got to the door.

When Moses asked Aaron why he didn’t offer up to God that which he was supposed to offer following the death of his sons, Aaron told him plainly that he wasn’t resolute yet. He had learned that God does not accept the offerings of the waffler, the indiscreet, or the liar.

God would rather accept the offering of someone unclean– yet certain, than someone uncertain yet claiming to be clean. How can you be clean if you are still uncertain? And if you are certain, can you remain unclean?

God wants to be in a relationship with the one who is resolute, serious, and honest, and he will wait for us to get there; but what he won’t accept is one who sends the signal that they are there, when they are nowhere near the office.

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