After Death…The Wormhole To Life!

After Death…
Leviticus 16:1-18:30
Amos 9:7-15
Ezekiel 22:1-19
I Corinthians 6:9-17
Hebrews 9:11-28

Without the shedding of blood (DNA, Life) there can be no remission of sins

So the reality is that we have to die. We must continue to die until there is a generation whose blood has purged all of the contaminants that displeased God out of the system. The system must purge itself continuously, sifting what is clean from what is unclean. The problem for us is time. We simply haven’t got enough time, and Satan knew that, that is why he wanted to steal from us the only thing we never saw coming. He wanted to steal our time.

Our adversary knew that sooner or later the blood would wash out, and fresh blood would make it possible for us to do what we cannot do. We would be able to be in right relationship with God all over again. Our blood would be clean, as a result, our lives would be clean, our genetic disposition would be clean. We would be healthy…literally.

However, good health, perfect health, requires time. The adversary knew that if he could get us to be disconnected from God, we would no longer recognize his cycle. We would be out of sync with him. Being out of sync with God means that every time we were close to being clean, we would become contaminated again because we would come in contact with unclean things. And this would happen over and over again, to our demise. Satan knew this.

All it takes is 1000 years

Did you ever wonder why Adam never reached 1000 years? Or why, for that matter, no man ever did? After the fall of man, he just couldn’t seem to make it to that target. If Adam was able to live for 1000 years, he would have been regenerated. He would have been a completely new man. You know how I know this? Because the scripture says that a thousand years is like a day to God and a day to God is like a thousand years. God was not lying when he told Adam that “in the day that you eat of that tree, you will surely die.” But Adam didn’t believe him.

The consequence of sin is that we have to die. That is just the way that it is, and no one will escape that penalty. But, one day, there will be a generation who will not die, they will be converted even while they are still alive! That doesn’t mean that they won’t have to go through the same process as the rest of man, it means that it will take them “no time at all” what it took us 1000 years to accomplish. They will accomplish in a day what Adam couldn’t do in his 900 years of life. You know why? Because Jesus will be with them. For some reason, when Jesus is around, there is a new kind of energy in the air. There is a new kind of life. Things that were certain before suddenly become uncertain, and anything is possible because Jesus knows the way around every system.

What is it that Jesus brings to that generation that no other generation has ever seen? I believe that he brings time! Jesus brings time back to earth! He restores the earth, rejuvenates her, refreshes her, and makes her young again. Jesus turns back the clock when he shows up, but not really. He doesn’t erase what happened. Nor does he make it as if it never happened. Instead he uses what happened to make something even better. Jesus finishes the cycle. And, I believe, that’s all the earth was ever crying out for.

The death of a cycle is the fulfillment of a system

Every month women have a menstrual cycle in which they lose blood. The loss of blood is meant to release what was not useful during a certain time frame. After the body completes its time of flushing, it repairs itself all over again, and the woman is restored to health. I mean to say that she is no longer in the condition of purging, but in the position of building. And for a woman, this is her natural cycle. This is the way that the female system works.

But imagine a woman who does not have a menstrual cycle. It seems like a good thing, but it is not. The body requires that cycle in order to keep track of when it is time to prepare to build, and when it is time to actually build. Without that cycle, the woman’s body loses track of time. When she loses track of time, nothing is ever produced, and that is not how the female body was designed to work. Instead of the woman losing blood, she is actually losing time; losing time for what? Losing time to build another life!

Satan did not want the earth to have enough time to produce the life that she was capable of. And he did this convincingly. He convinced her fruit to be miscarried before it had enough time to mature. All the earth was producing was death. But God came up with another plan. No longer would mankind be in sync with the earth. That was the penalty that could not be changed. He would not live long enough to benefit from the earth’s reproductive cycle. So no man would reach that standard. But instead, God created a wormhole; a wormhole to heaven, whereby a person could accelerate their re-generation during their actual generation, as if they had lived 1000 years. Sounds like a hard life? It is.

Man lost the privilege of fully benefitting from the earth. The benefit was that man would be allowed to generate over time. But through the mercy of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ, man did not lose everything. He forfeited the time, but latched onto the generation. Which generation was that, you ask? The generation that never saw sleep. The generation that fulfilled all that God had instore for it. Yes, man could fulfill his purpose in life, even having lost so much time, by traveling through the wormhole that Jesus provided on the cross; and though on earth he would submit to the natural time clock, in heaven he was already there before the throne of God, having completed the thousand year generation period that was needed.

The wormhole caused the thousand year salvation process to be realized in a day; in the day that one accepts the redemptive truth of Christ, he shall not die…but live!

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