Do Not Enter The Wormhole Any Other Way; You Will Not Survive The Journey!

Special Reading
Exodux 3:17-15:26
Numbers 28:19-25
II Samuel 22:1-52

It’s the blood that preserves you during the “trip”

It’s funny that something that provides a temporary shelter can actually become a prison to you if you are not permitted to leave. That’s what happened in Egypt, and that is what happened in the world.

This world was meant to be a training ground. We were suppose to live, and love, and learn here; but it became a place of bondage to us because we weren’t living long enough, we weren’t loving right enough, and we weren’t learning fast enough. In essence, being here became a waste of time. No sooner did we learn one thing, we died without having ample opportunity to apply it to our lives, let alone instill it in our children. This is the cycle we became stuck in, and as a result of the cycle not working properly, a system that was originally meant for good became bad in sooo many ways. It even produced a lifetime enemy who torments us the entire time, to prevent us from ever figuring out the way to leave.

Our adversary wants us to live here, and die here, and never ever leave here. He desires to be the god in our lives because he doesn’t want us to be free. He is surviving off of us like a parasite, and he knows that when the time comes, he will perish. Any time something or someone seeks to be God in your life, it/they are out of line and out of position.

The only way to determine that this is happening is when you attempt to leave. When leaving becomes a problem, you will quickly realize that that which you thought was a mutually beneficial relationship was clearly one-sided. Being unable to leave can thrust you into a cycle of tripping in so many areas of your life because you lose time.

Losing time is the adversary’s most advanced weapon. Your enemy desires to delay you in a place that God has given you permission to leave, because he knows that if you stay longer than the time that God afforded you, everything will change. The system will no longer work for your good. We don’t even realize how many offenses the adversary causes in order to encourage us to make wrong decisions until it is too late (literally too late). Yes, some people/things have been purposely positioned in your life to promote you to stumble into the wrong time zone. But don’t trip, there is a way out, despite your enemy’s desires.

Let’s not think of “blood” as antiquated anymore

I don’t know about you, but when I was young, I sang songs that I didn’t understand. I sang songs about the blood of Jesus, and I recited passages of eating his body and drinking his blood and before I realized what was happening, I became brainwashed into a way of thinking. I became accostumed to believing in something, and accepting something that I didn’t even understand! But you know what? It was right! It was right and I didn’t even know how lucky I was to be born into the right place at the right time.

The fact is, as I aged, like many people, I began to question what I had been taught. I began to re-think it. I began to ponder the evidence. Soon, I latched onto more simple lyrics that appeased my ego and comforted my wounded soul. I sang songs that were clear to me and I put away those songs that talked of things I never understood. Talking about Jesus’ blood became antiquated to me. It was something that the old timers used to sing– and weren’t they foolish, they probably didn’t know what they were singing about either! Right? Wrong!

You see, that’s the problem with not living to be 1000 years old, let alone 100 years. You don’t have an opportunity to grow old gracefully and to pass back all of the knowledge that caused you to understand. Now, instead of getting all of our wisdom to our children, we are lucky if we can even get a drop of it ourselves before we die, and we leave close to nothing behind; and our children have to start all over again, asking the same questions that we finally answered on our deathbed– but there is nobody there to coach them.

It really is the blood, guys!

The truth of the matter is, I really wish I could take their word for it. I wish I had that kind of faith, but I don’t. Even when I believe, I still want to know why I believe, and I want to investigate the mechanics/science of what brought me to that belief; and therein lies the problem. I don’t have time for all of that! Some things I must learn to believe on faith and not take the time to re-investigate all over again because I will miss out on all of the other important things in life. As we already established, what I want is not bad (the time to know these things for myself) but the reality is that because of the fall of man, I will have to sacrifice time from somewhere else, and where can I pull it from!

Moses was able to move a whole nation from one country to another simply because he believed something that his predecessors already discovered. He trusted that the blood of the lamb was a code that even the destroyer respected. He trusted that there was something about the DNA/Life of the blood of the lamb that caused every component of the system, every bend in the cycle, to submit to the governing powers. Moses was able to believe that the blood was the answer– without investigating it any further.

There will be a time in your life when you must jump in the wormhole if you want to survive. It would be nice if you could test the sides of it to see if it can hold you. It would be good if you could measure the length of it to see how long it will take you to get to where you need to be. It would be great if you could test the density to see what it actually consists of simply to cure your quest for knowledge. But none of those things will help you. You will have your enemy behind you, and a great sea before you, and you don’t know if that sea is capable of doing all that you’ve been told it can do, but you’re going to have to trust something, and you know the enemy quite well. So…you jump.

You know what you learn once you are in there? The first thing you learn is that the sea has the ability to split! Yes, how long would it have taken you to investigate that? How long would it take before you could piece together the knowledge of two time zones existing at once?

Then the second thing you learn in there is how important the blood is. It is a covering, some sort of protective layer that hides your DNA behind a DNA that the wormhole acknowledges, and it is because of that protective coating that the wormhole does not destroy you. You learn that even though you now can see the science of it, you thank God that you trusted the saints of old and didn’t wait to jump in until you figured the whole thing out; Because, while the wormhole will get you where you need to go (and science eventually would have unfolded that revelation) once you got on the other side, it was the blood that would prevent you from being sent back to where you came from in the first place. The old timers knew this.

The old timers knew about time, and space, and matter. They knew about energy conversion too. But you know what they figured out? They figured out that when time is pressing and the enemy is closing in, all the children need to remember is:

The blood of Jesus Christ covers all expenses

It was the only way in, and it is the only way out.

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