Say…Consider The Honor of The Protocol


Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23;

Ezekiel 44:15 -31

1 Peter 2: 4-10

The Corporate Standard

There is one standard for the whole world. You reap what you sow. That is the foundation on which all of creation is built. Because of this program, the universe stays in order; it even orders the world when to fold. Earth was designed to self destruct. We call these “self destructive” patterns evil. But God created evil so this confuses us. The Apostle Paul said it best. The more evil there is, the more grace abounds. That means that evil is producing free will, and free will is producing more choices, and although the cost of that free will is more decisions that are separate from God, it also means that there is greater opportunity for many people to choose God voluntarily! Hence, evil reaps good, even though we don’t fully understand the system.

Everything that God creates is good– that means that it is purposeful. When you realize that evil is nothing more than unlimited choice; and that without it, there would be no free will, you understand that evil is simply making the wrong choice continuously! Now, you have greater understanding when folks ask, “If there is a God, why is there so much evil in the world?” The question really is, “If there is a God, why is there so much free will?” And that, my friends, is the mature question that we only begin to ask once we realize the bad news. There is a predicament. The earth has a way of telling us when the wrong choices have been made too often.

God showed us what was required for perfect functioning order. He told us when it was time to sow, when it was time to cease from sowing, and when it was time to reap. We didn’t believe him. He told us what to wear, what to allow, what to kill, and what to refrain from killing. He told us how to live and he showed us how to work. He left us with a complete manual that specialized in ruling the world, and becoming like him. Yes, I said, becoming like him! But we discarded the protocol because we thought it wasn’t important.

It Is Beyond Our Ability To Reconcile

No one likes being the bearer of bad news. And even more, we hate the one who brings it to us. We hide from him because we know that when he shows up it is only to tell us what we are not doing right. Adam didn’t want to hear it, and we have not changed a bit since then. We hate bad news. We run from it, we hide from it, we pretend that it won’t come if we close our eyes. But that isn’t how good news works. In order to receive the good news, you must face the bad news. There can only be good news if the current condition is bad. And it is. There I said it, and now it’s in you.

Let me tell you about someone who only wanted good news. His name was King Ahab. God sent the prophet Elijah to him to resolve his “evil” condition, but Ahab hated whom God had sent. He called him “The bearer of bad news”. The problem is that Elijah loved Ahab and that made his assignment difficult. You see, Elijah wasn’t sent to be friends with Ahab. He was sent to correct him about his wrong choices. He was sent to cause Ahab to do what was right before God, but their personal relationship got in the way. Elijah couldn’t understand why Ahab wouldn’t get the logic of it. Elijah found himself unable to separate what was business from what was personal. Elijah had to honor God. His loyalty belonged to God. What God wanted was the only choice.

Moses, on the other hand, specialized in this one area, and that is why he was able to excel in what he had to produce for the Nation of Israel. Moses regarded what God considered holy, HOLY. He debated with God behind closed doors but when the order came down, Moses reconciled God’s call as the final decision. This single attribute caused Moses to be the most honored prophet that ever lived. The Israelites could (and did) say many derogatory things about the man of God in his generation, but one thing that they would never say to their children is that he fluctuated on God’s decisions. The people only remembered his honorable administration.

The Truth of The Matter Is That There Is Only One Truth

We may not want to keep the laws and the commandments, but without them we’ve destroyed our planet. We may not want to keep the holy times and the holy days, but neglecting them has destroyed our calendars, our economy, our human resources, and our human services. We may not want to be accountable for the actions of humanity, but ignoring them has cost us our future on this planet. It’s the truth that no one wants to talk about because there is no solution and the consequences of the truth are too terrifying to grasp hold of. There is no one else to blame. We were put here to govern the earth, and quite frankly, we did not do a good job.

Well, so here is the bottom-line if you can receive it. The game is over. Everybody knows it. Nobody wants to talk about it. We cannot save our planet. It is only a matter of time. The real question is who will qualify to live again. That’s the question. If you are afraid of the answer, and I don’t blame you, we’ve got some work to do before it is over. That means that you still haven’t learned how to accept the good news about the bad news; and I wasn’t sent to convince you. I was sent to show you how to end well, on my way back home.

Scientists tell me that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and another opportunity for people like me who didn’t qualify to rule in this present age. Scientists tell me what I already knew. Historians tell me that I should live the most excellent life I can live while I journey through the labor pains of this planet, because your name far outlasts your lifespan. Historians tell me what I already knew. Mathematicians tell me that my investment here will not multiply for several generations, though I profit minimally off of the dividends. Mathematicians tell me what I already knew. Linguists tell me that though I speak a thousand tongues I cannot mediate world peace without commonality, but linguists tell me what I already knew. I needed to know the protocol that governs all administration on this planet. This protocol pleases God, and choosing it produces life. Not choosing it perpetuates death. What I really needed to be taught, no one was qualified to teach. That was the bad news.

Consider The Honor of The Protocol

The good news is that God saw everything ahead of time, and had compassion. He knew that the day would come when we would ask the most important question in the world. “How do I make the right decisions?”. God devised a process whereby those whom he chose, and those whom chose him, could escape a perishing system by asking that question. Like Ahab, Like Adam, we are presented with a choice. It’s the choice of listening or not listening to the counsel of the Lord. Ironically, it all comes back to the beginning, doesn’t it? God wants us to choose to do it his way– regardless of whether or not it makes any sense at all. All we have to do is to honor the protocol. It is only after the decision is made that the protocol will be honored that Salvation reveals the how.

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