When You Set Up…The Template Will Multiply

Weekly Reading for 6/11/11

When You Set Up…
Numbers 8: 1 – 12:16;
Zechariah 2:14 – 4:7;
I Corinthians 10:6 – 13

Decide now to never live your life again without a vision from God.

Never move on a vision again without God’s instructions.

Never follow through with instructions again without God’s vineyard assignment for where you are to implement them.

Never plant in a vineyard again without God’s promise of delivery.

Never expect to deliver again without taking a “rest” afterwards.

Never enjoy a “rest” again without expecting God’s re-vision for you to be waiting the Shabbat after Passover.

Never again repeat the same cycle, the same way, through the same path, taking the same steps. Orbit around the Son with purpose; creating something new every day for the rest of your God-given life.

The protocol was set up to be a template; a template for how to conduct ministry business, professional business, and personal business. Once you get the hang of the first template, setting up other protocols is a piece of cake!

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