Send Forth…The Projection

Weekly Reading Portion for 6/17/11

Send Forth…
Numbers 13:1 -15:41;
Joshua 2:1-24;
Hebrews 3: 7 -19

The Expected Results

Well, Moses knew that 12 was the number for producing and 7 was the number for working profitably. So what happened? Were the wrong men sent? Was the timing off? Was the assignment too difficult? No. The staff missed a step. When your superior asks you to do something, save your special touch until the end and make sure that it actually compliments the work without changing the work They should have gone back to review the agreement. Reviewing the agreement would have reminded them what they were sent to do.

Before we can send anything or anyone off to do a job well done, we must first determine what is required for agreement. If the team had already been fully matured, the results would have been different. But what was required that they didn’t develop yet? The basics. They had to agree with God regardless of what it looked like. They had to follow holy protocol. Holy protocol insists that orders are followed the way they were given in the beginning.

Why would God allow them to ask the questions if he wanted their answer to match his own anyway? What was the point in asking their opinion? Aha! That’s just it, he didn’t ask for their opinion. They volunteered it anyway and not in privacy behind closed doors with Moses alone. They delivered the results to the wrong people when they were required to report directly to Moses. They were out of order, out of place, and out of line. The questions were good, the answers were good, but the way they carried through with the instructions was all wrong. They should have known better than to deliver the news to the people rather than to who sent them. It was a bad management issue that had to be dealt with. The results were already known, they were just sent to follow the order.

The Template Begins With A Contract

Joshua was lucky wasn’t he? He was on that first trip. You know, the trip that was only suppose to last for a few days but ended up taking 40 years. But it was worth it. He learned something very important about sending for information. Joshua learned that when you send someone to do something, you better make sure that you know who you are sending, personally! If you send someone who will not keep their agreement, then you were better off not sending anyone.

Perhaps there were many other officers who should have been sent other than the two spies who went to Jericho. There were probably many who were qualified to spy out the land the way that their parents had so many years before. I mean, when you think about it, these two spies didn’t actually do anything! So why were they chosen? They were chosen because of their ability to carry information, and their ability to be carried by God. In other words, they knew their assignment: Spy out the land– don’t ask how it will be done, just go there, carry the information, and come out. And they believed that the assignment was ordained by God.

The men returned with more than Joshua required. They delivered an ally on the inside who told them everything they needed to know: “This can be done.” As a result of their good work, not only did they carry back the information, deliver it to the one who sent them, but also, the battle was victorious before they ever returned!

The Contract Can Only Be Revised After The Assignment Is Over

God expects excellence. It’s really not an option. Even though sometimes we turn in inadequate work, the standard still remains. In order to be excellent, you really should know the “rest”. There is a “rest” of the story that most people don’t know about. That means that there is more to the job than you think and more to the project than what is due. Too many people leave the work place without ever truly knowing why they were sent in the first place. But…don’t you want to know it all if you can?

It is enough to deliver good work. Your boss will love you if you continue to produce a work that is profitable. But long after you are gone, you will look back to that job and wonder what you were ”assigned” there for. Was it the experience, the tools that you learned, or the people that you met? Or was it something more? Were you sent to uncover (without ever knowing it) something hidden? Were you sent to accomplish a secret task that no one ever knew? Yes, you were. Whether you “realize” it or not. You did an expected thing, an ordained thing that God ordered done and you never got the credit. That was the agreement.

Jewish tradition says that Rahab ended up marrying Joshua. I don’t know if that is true or not. But I do know this. Joshua sent the spies to spy out the land of Jericho, a city whose time had come and gone, however, the Most High God of the universe sent them on assignment. This was their mission: “Go save Rahab and her entire family. I see that she has a heart that is ripe for salvation. Save her before Joshua gets there so that she and her household will not perish, when I come.” Rahab was a woman who lived her life as a non-profit/non-prophet, earning a living off of works of the flesh. But she did one good work in her lifetime and it was enough for God. Rahab had a hidden belief that Joshua was coming and that he would be victorious. This faith made her prophet. Above and beyond the work that the spies did for Joshua, the spying that Rahab did for God guaranteed her salvation. And the rest of the story? Well, she was projected to Joshua before she ever beheld his face.

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