Korah…VS. Torah, Manage Under The Right Side

Weekly Reading Portion for 6/24/11

Numbers 16:1-18:32
I Samuel 11:14-12:22
Romans 13:1-7

Setting Up The Management For The Right Rapport

Sometimes God sets you up. If you haven’t been working with him, you’ve been set up to be cut off– sent out of his community. If you’ve been walking with him, he has set you up to be promoted– sent out of your current position into a promotion that is both profitable and prophet “able”. God isn’t just looking for those who can deliver a good report, but also those who can deliver a good rapport. The latter is of greater importance than the former because the latter will save lives, the former will only save work.

While it is true that a good report can sift out an impending project, a good rapport can sift out the whole production. God desires to promote those who can not only return the assessment with a thorough testimony, but also some key information that he didn’t say was pertinent. This requires a special kind of skill. The only way the skill can be revealed is by the sifting. The sifting set up usually happens when an annoyance occurs. It is when something irritates you just enough to move you out of your comfort zone. The annoyance is there to see how you handle conflict.

You might be the greatest professional. I’m sure Korah was. But if you don’t handle a situation the way that God wants it handled, I guarantee you that you will know the difference. On the contrary, you might think that you fumbled through a situation and you could have handled it differently. But if you manage it in a manner that God respects, you are building Godly rapport.

The Wrong Rapport Can Get You Killed In Canaan

God allowed Moses’ administration to irritate the leaders, beginning with the chief leader of the community right down to the member with no written name. Instead of bringing the aggravation before the Lord, the people became so “incensed” that they turned against Moses publicly. Their public incense contaminated the whole camp and caused the camp to stand in a bad place with God. Literally, their incense was such a stench in God’s nostrils that it affected Israel’s rapport with God. It was now necessary to separate three divisions within the camp so that Israel could see what was causing the problem:

1. The Directors
2. The Managers
3. The Staff

It was a problem of rebellion. Ironically it wasn’t against Moses that they were rebelling. Perhaps there was a legitimate irritation that needed to be resolved. But it was in the way that the people handled the irritation. God was looking for folks who were good at conflict resolution because that was the skill that was needed in the land they were about to enter. Someone was not prepared to build the rapport with God on behalf of the next generation; and that was essential. Everyone wanted to be a leader, but no one knew what God was looking for in management. The consequence was astounding.

When God wants us to understand something practical, it is because he sees something that we don’t see. God wasn’t judging Korah on his behavior with Moses solely. God was judging Korah based on how his behavior would affect the entire camp of Israel on the other side of the Jordan. Korah was demonstrating bad management protocol. He was in too senior of a position to not know that good rapport matters.

Building A Permanent Rapport Takes More Time & Energy Than Protocol

God purged them out of the camp by: swallowing, fire consumption, and plague/disease. When the camp began to go through the purging process it did not end on its own! It was as if God would have allowed the entire people to disappear! But Moses quickly commissioned Aaron to run and stand between the living and the dead. When he did that, without hesitation, something happened. The rebellion was sifted out.

A new plan was set up. It was called: Profit/Prophet Sharing. God’s intention was finally made clear. It was evident that he wanted to bless those who were managing his commandments and his instructions, and to spank those who had been warned too many times before about rejecting Godly management protocol. God wanted to bless those who held their rapport with God as top priority.

Aaron, unwilling to cling to his own life, risked his health by strategically placing himself between the sick and the healthy, so that the plague would have to confront him before going any further. When he did that, the plague backed down because it recognized Aaron’s rapport with God. That’s what God was looking for.

God was looking for the kind of rapport that even death respected. Yes, it was still managing protocol, but when there is no time to teach everything, the professional depends upon rapport that he’s learned and earned and built…by being on the right side of the Living God.

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