After Death…The Wormhole To Life!

After Death…
Leviticus 16:1-18:30
Amos 9:7-15
Ezekiel 22:1-19
I Corinthians 6:9-17
Hebrews 9:11-28

Without the shedding of blood (DNA, Life) there can be no remission of sins

So the reality is that we have to die. We must continue to die until there is a generation whose blood has purged all of the contaminants that displeased God out of the system. The system must purge itself continuously, sifting what is clean from what is unclean. The problem for us is time. We simply haven’t got enough time, and Satan knew that, that is why he wanted to steal from us the only thing we never saw coming. He wanted to steal our time.

Our adversary knew that sooner or later the blood would wash out, and fresh blood would make it possible for us to do what we cannot do. We would be able to be in right relationship with God all over again. Our blood would be clean, as a result, our lives would be clean, our genetic disposition would be clean. We would be healthy…literally.

However, good health, perfect health, requires time. The adversary knew that if he could get us to be disconnected from God, we would no longer recognize his cycle. We would be out of sync with him. Being out of sync with God means that every time we were close to being clean, we would become contaminated again because we would come in contact with unclean things. And this would happen over and over again, to our demise. Satan knew this.

All it takes is 1000 years

Did you ever wonder why Adam never reached 1000 years? Or why, for that matter, no man ever did? After the fall of man, he just couldn’t seem to make it to that target. If Adam was able to live for 1000 years, he would have been regenerated. He would have been a completely new man. You know how I know this? Because the scripture says that a thousand years is like a day to God and a day to God is like a thousand years. God was not lying when he told Adam that “in the day that you eat of that tree, you will surely die.” But Adam didn’t believe him.

The consequence of sin is that we have to die. That is just the way that it is, and no one will escape that penalty. But, one day, there will be a generation who will not die, they will be converted even while they are still alive! That doesn’t mean that they won’t have to go through the same process as the rest of man, it means that it will take them “no time at all” what it took us 1000 years to accomplish. They will accomplish in a day what Adam couldn’t do in his 900 years of life. You know why? Because Jesus will be with them. For some reason, when Jesus is around, there is a new kind of energy in the air. There is a new kind of life. Things that were certain before suddenly become uncertain, and anything is possible because Jesus knows the way around every system.

What is it that Jesus brings to that generation that no other generation has ever seen? I believe that he brings time! Jesus brings time back to earth! He restores the earth, rejuvenates her, refreshes her, and makes her young again. Jesus turns back the clock when he shows up, but not really. He doesn’t erase what happened. Nor does he make it as if it never happened. Instead he uses what happened to make something even better. Jesus finishes the cycle. And, I believe, that’s all the earth was ever crying out for.

The death of a cycle is the fulfillment of a system

Every month women have a menstrual cycle in which they lose blood. The loss of blood is meant to release what was not useful during a certain time frame. After the body completes its time of flushing, it repairs itself all over again, and the woman is restored to health. I mean to say that she is no longer in the condition of purging, but in the position of building. And for a woman, this is her natural cycle. This is the way that the female system works.

But imagine a woman who does not have a menstrual cycle. It seems like a good thing, but it is not. The body requires that cycle in order to keep track of when it is time to prepare to build, and when it is time to actually build. Without that cycle, the woman’s body loses track of time. When she loses track of time, nothing is ever produced, and that is not how the female body was designed to work. Instead of the woman losing blood, she is actually losing time; losing time for what? Losing time to build another life!

Satan did not want the earth to have enough time to produce the life that she was capable of. And he did this convincingly. He convinced her fruit to be miscarried before it had enough time to mature. All the earth was producing was death. But God came up with another plan. No longer would mankind be in sync with the earth. That was the penalty that could not be changed. He would not live long enough to benefit from the earth’s reproductive cycle. So no man would reach that standard. But instead, God created a wormhole; a wormhole to heaven, whereby a person could accelerate their re-generation during their actual generation, as if they had lived 1000 years. Sounds like a hard life? It is.

Man lost the privilege of fully benefitting from the earth. The benefit was that man would be allowed to generate over time. But through the mercy of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ, man did not lose everything. He forfeited the time, but latched onto the generation. Which generation was that, you ask? The generation that never saw sleep. The generation that fulfilled all that God had instore for it. Yes, man could fulfill his purpose in life, even having lost so much time, by traveling through the wormhole that Jesus provided on the cross; and though on earth he would submit to the natural time clock, in heaven he was already there before the throne of God, having completed the thousand year generation period that was needed.

The wormhole caused the thousand year salvation process to be realized in a day; in the day that one accepts the redemptive truth of Christ, he shall not die…but live!

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Infected One…Fools Rush In Without Permission From God

Weekly Reading Portion for 4/9/11

Infected One…
Leviticus 14:1-15:33
II Kings 7:3-20
Amos 9:7-15
Romans 6:19-23
1 Peter 1:13-16

“Go and sin no more”

No one understood what Jesus was talking about when the woman came in. They didn’t understand why he tolerated her. She was an outcast, shunned from the community because of what she did. Then she had the audacity to bring her garbage before the presence of the elders, uninvited. She bogarted her way through and sought an audience with Jesus.

Nothing had changed, so they thought. She was still trying to be the center of attention. She was still trying to captivate him with her sweet smelling perfume and her wild mane draping across her body. Nothing had changed.

They didn’t notice the tears that fell from her cheeks and dripped humiliatingly upon his feet. They didn’t notice that she broke her own life savings to anoint him. They didn’t notice that she was a woman accustomed to having men kneel to her, and here she was kneeling to him. They said that nothing had changed.

The one who is forgiven of much, loves much

The woman was a leper. No, she may not have had scales raising on her skin. No she may not have been banished to the outskirts of the country. No, she didn’t cry out her condition every time she walked down the street. The truth is that she didn’t have to. Everyone knew who she was, and everyone knew what she did. There was no escaping her ostracism.

But there is a way that seems right to a man that leads to death, and there is a way that seems foolish to a human that captures that heart of God. This woman was a leper, but she wanted more than anything to be holy. I didn’t say that she wanted to be forgiven, that came in the package. She wanted to be more than forgiven. She wanted to be holy. I didn’t say that she wanted to be clean, of course being clean would be necessary, but I said she wanted to be holy.

The woman wanted something that was not going to be an option for her. She wanted something that God had every right to deny. She wanted to be a disciple of Jesus’. She wanted to follow him wherever he went. She wanted to support his ministry. She wanted to be there when he died, and she wanted to be the first person that he revealed himself to when he rose again. This woman wanted it all, though the invitation should have been closed to her.

When Jesus loves you, you’ve done well

Yes, God does love the world. He has unconditional love for his creation. But I’m not talking about the love that God has for his creation. I’m talking about the love that God has for you as an individual once you’ve made up your mind to follow him. I’m talking about that one on one relationship with Jesus Christ– yes, the hard, hard, work of taking all of his constructive criticism that nearly kills you, and using it to build something worthy to God, in the midst of great tribulation. That is the kind of love that the woman had for Jesus, and so in return, that is the kind of love that Jesus had for her.

Many people will sell you bargain basement religion. Many people will tell you that all you have to do to be saved is to profess the sinners prayer…and they are right. But what they don’t tell you is the work that requires your attention once you’ve gained salvation. What they don’t tell you is that a holy life is a hard life. It is hard work, and you have never been more challenged than you will be once you’ve decided to go all the way with God.

Salvation is not for sissies. It will take everything out of you. It will strip you to the very core and make you wonder why you ever signed on for this ride in the first place. It will require things of you that you didn’t even know you had the strength to give. It will leave you broken-hearted, confused, bitter, and angry– if the saints dare tell you the truth. But, there is more. There is so much more. Once you’ve walked with Jesus, nothing else in this world compares. And so the mystery is unveiled. Holiness is a hard life; and fools rush into it thinking that they can handle the challenge on their own, and they cannot.

But when God invites you into this life, the hard life, you find out that it is also the protected life. It is the place where you are allowed to develop and grow into the you that God always intended you to be. In this place, there is protection. There is rest. There is reward. There is forgiveness. It’s a holy place, a place like none you’ve even been in before. A place where sinning actually makes you sick, and where producing good is all you know how to do.

Fools who stumble there without permission call it freedom, and they soon find out that they are oppressed by judgment; but those of us who know better wait patiently for the call. The call goes out to lepers and prostitutes, and anyone else who is willing to trade it all in order to be holy before the Most High God. Is it worth it? Yes, it is worth the wait! It is worth the preparation. In preparation the foolish learn how to be wise. But those who rush in, without waiting for the call, are not foolish, they are fools. They go into something that is clearly over their head, before finding out that no one sent them, and no one is walking with them. The call is worth waiting for, because holiness is a hard life and you don’t want to walk through it…alone.

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Conceived…Healthy, Is A Good Thing!

Weekly Reading for Shabbat- 4/2/11

Leviticus 12:1 – 13:33;
IIKings 4:42 – 5:19;
Malachi 3:4 – 4:6;
Mathew 8:1 – 4

Coming Out of a Split Decision…Whol”e”!

God wants so much more for us than we could ever dare to imagine. If we were to design our own lives, our design would come short of what God had in mind. Accepting that is the hard part– trusting God to design a life in which we are not the controller; to follow a plan that we did not conjure, and to plunge into a river that is not of our choosing– simply because the prophet said that that river was the one that would do the job. That river (no other would do) was the one that would restore us to health.

The text tells us that a leper approached Jesus and said, “If you are willing, I can be made clean.” To which Jesus responded, “I am willing.” Jesus then cleansed the leper, but something peculiar happened immediately following.

Jesus gave the “clean” leper an unusual instruction. He told him to go back to the temple that he used to be a part of and offer the priest a gift. He told the leper to demonstrate to the community that he was clean by what he was bringing to the table– by his action. This was unusual because it should have been obvious that the leper was clean, so why should he have to present himself in order to prove it? What was Jesus really doing? What was Jesus really healing? Jesus was healing the leper, wholly.

Sometimes We Birth A Son– A Condition

When the leper was cleansed, he birthed a new condition. He went from being unclean to being clean. He was like Namaan. But all Namaan had to do was to dunk seven times in the Jordan river. The difficult part was in traveling to see the prophet. When he got there, the challenge was over. It was almost so easy that Namaan couldn’t accept the healing.

When Namaan accepted the assignment, as easy as it was, he was healed. I have a feeling that Namaan’s leprosy was caused by his inability to follow directions. Namaan probably struggled with over-analyzing things that needed his attention. Instead of just doing what he was told to do, Namaan did what he felt should have been done. As a result, Namaan developed a disorder (dysfunction) that erupted in his life. Namaan made too many decisions based on how he “felt”. He allowed too many “eruptions of affection” until they affected his judgment. Namaan began to make emotional judgments, in so much that Namaan couldn’t accept another person’s counsel if he didn’t “feel” like it.

However, the change occurred before Namaan even went under the water. Namaan listened and heeded to the counsel of his Israelite servant. And he did this twice. And suddenly something new was born. Namaan was able to hear the truth despite how he felt about who presented it to him. Namaan began to be “no respector of persons” but to respect the actual counsel for what it was worth. This was a new condition, and it caused Namaan to be a new man– a man who recognized the truth, regardless of his feelings.

Sometimes We Birth A Daughter–A Position

Because Namaan did not live in Israel, he had to ask God for an exception. He asked the prophet to excuse him for remaining in the same position (being the right-hand man to a King who wasn’t a worshipper of Israel’s God). Though his condition had been restored to God’s original plan, his position hadn’t changed. But the leper who sought Jesus was different. Not only was Christ going to restore his condition, Christ was going to clean his position. Wow is all I can say.

What Christ was offering was above expectations. It was above what was reasonable. It was miraculous! He could have simply restored the man to his ideal condition. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that? But he didn’t. He could have taken his disorder (dysfunction) and erased it so that it would not hinder him anymore. But Christ did something so crazy, so supernatural, that it is worth reviewing.

The man was a leper because he had a disorder. His disorder wasn’t able to be dealt with by the high priest because the high priest himself was disqualified from making judgments that had to come from the supreme court. That is why Jesus came in the first place. Jesus came to bring the supreme court judgment to earth! So the man’s disorder was not just a shame to himself, but also to the high priest and the community that couldn’t heal him. The fact is, the leper was so bad off that nothing could be done for him. He was banished. Now, I believe that the man’s disorder was a classic case of “catch 22”. He became dysfunctional because something/someone hindered his ability to offer his gift, and his inability to offer his gift kept him locked in dysfunction. Man, what a horrible place to be!

Perhaps, just perhaps, the leper could have been a priest himself. A priest who was out of position because of his condition. But we only speculate.

Fraternal Twins- A Son & A Daughter

Suddenly, there he was before Jesus, offering his gift. And do you know what it was? The dysfunctional man had erupted affection for Jesus. Plainly put, he couldn’t control himself in Jesus’ presence. He bubbled over exposing something he never wanted any high priest to know. He was helpless about his own healing, though he wanted it so bad. And so there it was in plain sight. The man, unable to bring himself before a priest who could help him, caused himself the leprosy. In fact, the leprosy may have erupted from his split decision about the priesthood and its ability to deal with issues as severe as his. Yet, bringing himself before Jesus is what caused the leprosy to disappear. Jesus was willing. Jesus was willing to help his helplessness.

And this is how Jesus healed him. Jesus identified the problem. The man was trapped in his own will, and he knew it. That is why he said to the Lord, “If YOU are willing…”. He was pleading with Jesus to override his own will because it had him locked out of life. Jesus sent the man back to do what should have been done in the first place. He sent him back to present himself to the priest– the same priest who said that nothing could be done for him. Jesus sent him back against his will. But you know what? He went! And that was HIS choice! When he went, the curse was broken! Unlike Namaan, this man wasn’t focusing on how he felt. He was focusing on what he knew! However, this time, the man’s gift would cause the priest to produce the unknown— the miraculous. He allowed himself to be examined by the priest, even though he knew that the priest was powerless to help him, but he did it anyway! And when he allowed the priest to see him clearly, God’s judgment was changed! And the priest saw that God had changed his mind! That was the leper’s gift to the priest. God can change his judgment, should he so choose. God can change his judgment, should it be his will!

Jesus gave him something that he couldn’t give himself before he went. He told the man that when the priest examines him, He will find nothing; Not because the priest wasn’t doing his job the first time, but because there was no longer anything there. That was Jesus’ gift to the man: The assurance, that the moment he submitted his will, he was restored. But the man had to choose whether or not to believe Christ.

A son is our stability, and a daughter is our delight, but when God chooses for us to conceive both, it is a good thing! It is something that we birth that exceeds our expectations. It is when there is a split decision on God’s end, concerning us, and the only thing standing in his way of deciding one way or the other is whether or not we will choose to submit our own will under his authority. Then, one decision is about our wretched condition– the decision to restore us to health. while the other decision is about our botched position– the decision to clean out whosoever is standing in our place. Occassionally, not all of the time, God does something we never saw coming. He gives it all back to us. He gives back everything he ever conceived for us, because we want it so bad that we are willing to do whatever it takes.

When this happens, everything is healthy. Everything is good. The system has been purged. The process re-instated. Your holy health plan was conceived ahead of time, but you had to submit your whol”e” will. And that was a choice that no one could make for you…not even the fraternal twins awaiting the judgment to be born.

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Eighth…Reveal The Truth About God

Leviticus 9:1 – 11:47
II Samuel 6: 1 – 7:17;
Acts 5:1 – 11, 10:9-22, 34-35

A Split Decision: The Sacrificial Love System

You can tell a lot about a person by what they do. Many people say many things, and many people say not much of anything, and some people remain silent. But when a person arises to do something, watch closely. That will tell you everything you need to know about them.

This week, God is showing us a bird’s eye view as to how he sees things. If you stay awake, and strain to see, you will discern truths about God that you may never have considered before.

Sometimes, God will call a corporate person to do something that seems utterly crazy; and likewise, he will call a prophet (who is customarily seen as crazy) to do something quite corporate. The key isn’t in pigeon-holing the person– in thinking that only prophets should be crazy and only professionals should be corporate. They key is to watch what they do, how they do it, and what is manifested as a result of their action. In fairness to us as humans, it takes a special kind of eye to detect the right signal.

A Leak In The System Will Be Exposed– And Fixed

Aaron’s sons were priests. They were dressed properly. They did everything they were instructed to do. But something was wrong. Something was very wrong that no one else could see. We only know what was wrong because God tells us later. Aaron’s two sons were not sober in giving their offering, as a result, their offering was foreign to God. In a nutshell, God did not “recognize” their offering as something that was befitting of a priest. They offered God hypocirisy, and God was quick to expose it. God appointed two other sons in their place.

David was equally as confused as Aaron. When the oxen stumbled, it seemed the only right thing to do was to prevent the Arc from falling. So why did God judge Uzzah so harshly? The text tells us that God saw Uzzah’s act as an “indiscretion”. It looked as if he reached out to help the Arc, but in actuality, something else had transpired. Uzzah exposed his bad judgment. It was a small lack of judgment that no one else could have detected, but God exposed it as being part of who he was. Uzzah lacked good judgment relative to the things of God. God appointed David in Uzzah’s place.

Ananais & Saphira presented their offering to the church. It was a good sum of money. Surely the money would be used to support ministry operations. But Peter called out something completely unexpected. They had lied. Their lying had nothing to do with the monetary value that would have been useful in building ministry. But it had everything to do with the character of those whom would have been held in high esteem. God appointed others in their place.

A Split Decision Must Be Resolved Because of The Signal It Sends

Peter had the bird’s eye view that we are striving for. That is why he was appointed as the head of the church. As magnificent as Paul was, Peter was the head of the church, appointed specifially to that position by Christ himself. Peter was able to discern when a split decision was lodged in a person’s heart. He was able to see it, and able to call it out.

Why is a split decision so necessary to see in the church? Well, first you must know what a split decision is, and what it looks like in action. A split decision is when a person is wrestling with what God is saying, verses what they themselves want. Now, in and of itself, wrestling with God over his decisions isn’t a bad thing or even a thing that is abnormal. We would be supreme if we never wrestled with God. Wrestling isn’t the problem. The problem arises when the individual postulates as if they’ve come to a unified decision, but internally they have not. They present the fact one way, but inside, it is another.

When there is a split decision, it is best to confess that there is. At least everyone knows what you are wrestling with. But when you pretend that a situation or circumstance is resolved, and you know that it is not resolved, you cause the people to think that you are more sober than you really are and they rely on your signal!

When The Signal Goes Forward, The Wrestling Must Cease

It seems that one thing that God clearly does not tolerate is a person, any person, who offers something up to God, while in an official designation, that he really hasn’t offered up at all. God would rather take a person out of office, out of place, out of line, and make his offering acceptable, than to take an offering from an official who really wasn’t offering anything at all…and he did this publicly.

God rejects the split decision of anyone holding an office. By the time you hold the office, your own will should no longer be a factor. That was the “sacrificial love system” training program you had to graduate from before you even got to the door.

When Moses asked Aaron why he didn’t offer up to God that which he was supposed to offer following the death of his sons, Aaron told him plainly that he wasn’t resolute yet. He had learned that God does not accept the offerings of the waffler, the indiscreet, or the liar.

God would rather accept the offering of someone unclean– yet certain, than someone uncertain yet claiming to be clean. How can you be clean if you are still uncertain? And if you are certain, can you remain unclean?

God wants to be in a relationship with the one who is resolute, serious, and honest, and he will wait for us to get there; but what he won’t accept is one who sends the signal that they are there, when they are nowhere near the office.

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Command…Them To Come Out!

Leviticus 6:1-8:36
Jeremiah 7:21-8:3; 9:22-23
Malakai 3:4-24
Hebrews 8: 1-6

A More Excellent Way

There is a more excellent way to live than you know. There is a higher form of energy than that which we are using. Here, we practice with the pattern of it, but there we will actually live in it all of the time.

The most excellent way is Love. Not just any kind of love…sacrificial love.

When we decide to live a life of sacrificial love, the universe is at our disposal. Demons retreat, and angels descend to assist. Love in itself cannot do anything, it just is. But what it does while “doing nothing”, is so powerful that everything else gets done out of respect for it. Nothing can stop love. Love opens doors that were previously locked. And love cleans corners where darkness was trying to gain a foothold. Love conquers all things.

Moses is building a world (time/calendar). He is building a resource (capitol/capital). He is building a name (people/nation). Moses is building a system of living that is holy; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Because when he whom is suppose to come, comes in that system, he will use it perfectly. And when the system is used perfectly it will explode and nothing will contain it.

The sacrificial system was built to contain love– the loophole being that if one could fulfill it, the limits of the container would break and what was inside will come exploding out.

Perfect love casts out all fear. Blessings chase the curses away. Command them to come out through the blood of Jesus Christ, and the love that is demonstrated through your belief in what he did on/in the altar/alter of time.

Why do you think Canaan’s walls came tumbling down and she allowed Joshua to come in and clean out her system? She was offered a trade she couldn’t refuse! Salvation through conversion– the sacrificial love of God.

She was no fool. It was the blessings, and the authority she would be given to command them to run out…if she yielded to the system!

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And He Called…For Hidden Things

And He Called
Leviticus 1:1-5:26
I Samuel 15:1-34
Isaiah 43:21-44:23
Hebrews 10:1-18

The Converted Branch

When a person realizes that he has neglected his obligation, he is to offer up his willingness to fulfill what he has been commissioned to do. He is re-committed to do the mission. When he does the mission, he has fulfilled his purpose.

A person who fulfills his responsibility to God learns about God’s hidden ways.

When God sends his anointed on a mission, it is to confront an issue that will soon become a permanent problem. It is the last chance that the branch has to face conversion before final judgment.

Israel made Canaan useful, just in the nick of time, by making himself responsible for the threshing floor “incident” at Mount Moriah. In the heart of Canaan was the potential for Jerusalem headquarters, but Israel had to find the acceptable strategy of conversion that would meet God’s standard on time.

It was a strategy that no one could imagine, not even David; to pose as if you are there to pay the penalty for sin, but in reality the penalty for sin has already been paid in the future…and you’re just there to pick up the prophet/profit ahead of time.

In his anger, Noah cursed his son’s lineage, and the curse had to be reversed— some way, some how, for the sake of the new world.

A prophet must learn to bridle his tongue when he is angry, because his tongue can change everything. Thank God David was in the right place at the right time to know that. Through David, Israel took responsibility for the offense, and Jesus paid the price of that obligation.

The non-profit world was converted by the complex and misunderstood, miraculous planning, of the Grace of God. But the vision couldn’t be revealed until the mission was over. It was kept hidden until God called it out.

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Accounts…In The Balance

Exodus 38:21-40:38;
I Kings 7:51-8:21;
II Corinthians 3:7-18

Sometimes it is soooo good to know Jesus. This is one of those times. Being in both ends of the contract, he signed it and kept the terms.

Because of this, and this alone, a great transition took place in the cosmos. Those who should have been doomed to repeat the pattern over and over again, will not any longer. They are going to possess the land.

They are going to cross over.

Satan said it couldn’t be done.

Demons said that it was a bluff.

But low and behold, they did it.

He carried them on his back.

They were the cross upon his shoulders.

They were the burden he would not let down.

And because he rose from the dead, they will never be held captive in the holding pattern that was meant to destroy them.

They will cross over, and over, and over, until they are caught up to meet him in the air.

The debt was paid in full. Payment was made. The check book has now been balanced…in favor of those who love God.

And the scales show nothing lacking– despite what the enemy portrayed.

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And Assembled…The Ambush Strategy

And Assembled…
Exodus 35:1-38:20;
I Kings 7:13-26 & 40-51;
Ezekiel 45:16-46:18;
II Corinthians 9:6-11

God is always accomplishing more than one objective at a time, and if you allow him to, he will reveal his objectives to you in your own life, and corporately.

The first objective of the new covenant is to preserve the good counsel that comes from coming into partnership with God’s government.

The second objective of the new covenant is to design a loophole whereby a sinner who has violated the law can repent and not be imprisoned by the consequences of not keeping that law, should God deem to forgive him entirely.

The new covenant is a business contract– a marriage that was designed in the wilderness. It was a contract that preceded the temple, and would survive the destruction of the temple; whereby, should the adversary believe that the contract was only meant to exist so long as the temple stood, he would be corrected. The contract withstands all destruction. It was built before there was a church, even though it was the church.

…to be continued

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When You Take…The Lord’s Name, You better Be Profitable/Prophet “Able”

When You Take…

Exodus 27:20-30-10

Ezekiel 43:10-27

I Samuel 15:1-34

Mathew 5:14-16

I. Everyone in the body of Christ must carry the assigned weight

II. Everyone in the the body of Christ must be able to prophesy to their president and their nation on behalf of God.

III. God will make his name profitable and able to prophesy to the world, or there will be replacements

Being able to prophesy doesn’t mean that that is what you do all of the time. It means that within you is the God-given capacity. You have the capacity to hear from God and to relay a message from God. That is the reason that you carry his name, and that is what his name is able to do through you.

David didn’t consider himself to be a prophet. He was a king. But he was able to prophesy. That is one of the perks for carrying the name of the Living God.

Eli wasn’t a prophet. He was a priest. But he was able to grant God’s answer to the petition of Hannah. He was able to profit the people of God. That is another one of the benefits of carrying the name of the Almighty.

Elijah was a prophet. The prophet is able to tell you exactly what God is saying. He/she spends his life perfecting God’s voice in his ear. Sometimes God is saying something good, but sometimes what he has to say is not so good; and those who cannot receive the word of the Lord will not be allowed to remain in position.

God’s ultimate purpose for his people is that they represent his name honorably before those who don’t know him. That is why he doesn’t want his people hanging on to anything from another god. He doesn’t want his people to be covered, or clinging to, a name that doesn’t belong to Him.

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You Shall Command…The Good Woman Not To Please Herself

Exodus 27:20-30:10

Ezekiel 43:10-27

I Samuel 15: 1-34

I.  The good woman is the church

II.  She is not to please herself

III.  She is to please God and wait for God to reward her

Last week God gave the people an opportunity to bring forward all that they accumulated from Egypt.  Some did.  Many didn’t.  This week, God tells Moses to go back to the people who weren’t moved the first time, and now command them.

What is God looking for?

God is testing the hearts of his people.  He gave them the opportunity to bring forward what was needed to build the tabernacle from the things they took from Egypt.  If you remember, those things were “borrowed”.  They were never meant to be part of Israel’s personal possession.

Some immediately understood.  They willingly brought out from their houses all that was left of Egypt and offered it up to God.  But others were not moved to do so.  They thought that what they were able to take from Egypt now belonged to them.  They were wrong.

Being wrong isn’t bad.  This week Moses will leave room for the people to correct what was wrong the first time.  The second group of people will now submit to God’s instructions.  It isn’t horrible to be in the second group.  It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t horrible.  What’s horrible is to be part of the third group.

That third group will do what doesn’t please God with what they refused to offer, and they refused to submit.  It will cause trouble in the camp.

There is, and always will be, trouble in the church when the people do not give up what God says never belonged to them.

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