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We are uncovering the gap that no one wants to talk about

Several years ago I realized that what I was receiving at church had hit its plateau; that doesn’t mean that the information that I was taught was incorrect or insufficient.  It simply means that I knew that there had to be more.  I began to investigate Judaism.  As I sat in the temple I realized that the exact same dilemma had occurred there as well.  I loved the songs and there was a sense of true connectivity with what is holy, but still, something was missing.  It began as a quest for spiritual enlightenment and ended with a life/work epiphany:

Some Jews are lost in the temple and some Christians are lost in the church.  They are lost because the other part of themselves is disconnected from the full truth:  God’s chosen people are divided by a great misunderstanding. 

Because the truth is somewhere in the middle 

So long as that division exists, there will be folks in the church who are missing instructions &commandments and folks in the temple who are missing assignments & application.  So long as Zion is divided, there will always be a reason to mourn no matter where we go because preaching and/or teaching from one side only will never bring fulfillment.

This site is our humble attempt to keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.   By keeping the weekly torah portion reading the staple of our diet with other Jews, which is read in every synagogue all over the world on Shabbat; and writing commentaries that broadcast our connection to the Most High God through the manifestation of his Christ–Jesus, we are sewing the two halves of the royal garment back together again.

We’re rebuilding the bridge one reading at a time 

We are not out to convert anyone.  We simply exist to offer covering to the lost while the split in the body is still evident.  That split has become a gap so wide and so deep that if it were possible, even the most elect would chose a side rather than to attempt to build a bridge across it.  But with God, all things are possible.

Won’t you join us?

Readings of the Week are posted every Shabbat (Saturday).  We post the readings a week before the commentary at the end of each commentary so that the community has time to read and digest before joining any fellowship studies or reading my personal thoughts. 

We also have a Shabbat Chat on Saturdays (see the link).


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